Cranes and construction machinery

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In 1827, Christian Dingler assumed in Zweibruecken factory Dingler'schen Maschinenfabrik. It produces mechanical equipment, industrial valves, tanks, steam engines. Since 1890 the factory began production of lifting equipment intended primarily for mines and steel mills. In 1935, a change of form of ownership and name change to Dinglersche Maschinenfabrik A.G. The rapid development of the company makes no room for new production lines and warehouses in the old headquarters. Since the plant is located almost in the center of the city (now Dinglerstrasse 24 - office buildings, across the street is a production facility - mostly lattice cranes) falls decision to transfer part of its production to a new location. In 1937, the factory buys site in Bierbach, a few kilometers from Zweibruecken (now a distribution center of spare parts, test square for lattice crane and repair facilities).

1954 begins the next stage of development of the plant - the plant takes over Demag AG, putting to specialize in the production of lifting equipment. In 1973 another change of the owner, the factory takes over by the company Mannesmann AG. Finally, in 2002 the owner becomes TEREX and after a few changes now bears the name of Terex Cranes Germany GmbH. In the fifties Demag launches the first telescopic boom crane with a lifting capacity of 2.5 t. All the time implements and patented innovative solutions for the now mostly cranes and is one of the leading European companies. In 1965 introduces the lattice boom crane on the chassis of the automobile with a capacity of 45 tons. Subsequent years and more innovative machine: 1976 - crane with a telescopic boom 160 t, 1979 - the largest at that time in the world crane on a wheeled chassis - 800 t capacity, 1987 - crawler lattice crane with a lifting capacity of 1000 tonnes, 1990 - wheeled crane telescopic - 500 t, 1993 - cranes all terrain with a lifting capacity of 50 t, 1998 - crawler lattice crane with a capacity of 1,600 t, wheeled telescoping - 650 t, the beginning of the twenty-first century is a crane CC 8800 load capacities 1250 t and version TWIN - 3200 t, 200-tonne telescopic crane boom lenght 68 m. The company constantly researching and implementing new cranes construction. Increased production needs terrain - solved by the purchase of site Wallerscheid, where he have a new production buildings and where there is a test square for cranes, mainly telescopic and logistics center.

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