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Company Bendini was founded in 1968 in Italy near Bologna Crespellano, its name derived from the surname of the founder P. Elio Bendini. From the beginning specialized in the production of wheeled and tracked terrain cranes. Typical products are, besides working on many construction sites today, cranes trade name Delta and Beta. In the pictures below on the left the Delta (string TEREX came after refreshing boom), right Beta:


In 1989 the company became part of the French manufacturer's PPM and started to use the components mounted cranes so far in this French manufacturer. The next phase of activity began after the takeover a group of PPM by Terex Corporation in 1995. In 1999 the official name of the company was, already Terex Italia Srl. After purchasing the German Demag in 2002 was the Italian branch of the Terex Demag absorbed by Terex Italia Srl.

Since 1997, the gradual modernization (actually implementing a completely new projects) manufactured cranes previous series Beta and Delta have been replaced a number of cranes marked with a capital A and model number derived from capacity (A300, A600). The year 2007 was a turning point in production, from which there was another change to the fully modern, using, among others, know-how Terex types of RC and RT cranes. The annual production of cranes in Crespellano was initially an average of 150 units, then gradually increased to achieve already in 2007 as a result of 364. The main direction of sales is Western Europe (50% of sales) and the Italian market (20%). The rest is bought mainly by customers from the Middle East. Terex Italia plans to focus on expansion into African markets, which already holds a 20% share in sales.

On the Polish market operate dozens of different types of cranes produced by Bendini and Terex Italia. In addition to the purchased by the Polish customers new cranes (MSR - RT100, Mostostal Plock - A600, RC 45, Herkules - RC 45, ...), are also working the private imported cranes (Fast Service - A600S, Corleonis, ...) and Polish branches of foreign companies (JP Avax, AGP Metro, MSF Sices, ...).

Dodatkowe filmy z żurawiami TEREX Italia na YouTube:

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