Cranes and construction machinery

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In 1967 in Burgundy in Montceau-Les-Mines company Potain & Poclain combining production technology of lifting and hydraulics are appointed to act Potain Poclain Manutention (PPM).


From the beginning, the plant has been producing mobile cranes. In 1974 it launches such as City cranes - one cabin, feedback, ideally suited for use in cities. In 1976 releases the first all-terrain crane, two cabins, adapted for use also in the field. Since 1981, PPM also begins production reachstackers and develop it in a huge pace. In 1984 most of the assets of PPM by Case, the main motive is to take over the production of hydraulics. In 1989, the group joins the Italian factory Bendini. Since 1995, the factory is part of Terex Corporation and after several name changes now adopted the name Terex Cranes France SAS. The main products are all-terrain mobile cranes for loads up to 60 tons, reachstackers and truck-mounted cranes.

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